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How to generate documentation for the APIs

Hi Could you please let me know how to generate documentation for APIs? Is  API Management console support automatic generation of documentation for each proxy end point? If yes can we edit and publish the documentation to public? Can some one provide me if some documentation availalbe on this topic?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi,I'm at week 6, and...

Hi, I'm at week 6, and strangely enough stuck on the extract variables part. When trying to implement the mocked identity service, I have to supply it with a login variable. However, the Callout Service is complaining that the 'login' variable doesn't exist, while I'm creating this in the previous step (the extract variables policy). {"fault":"{\"detail\":{\"errorcode\":\"messaging.runtime.UnresolvedVariable\"},\"faultstring\":\"Unresolved variable : login\"}"} The policy is as follows; <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> Callout Identity service
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Week 4 Lesson 4 QL language / Json Data Format issue

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I've been bashing my head against the wall for a while on Week 4 lesson 3 as I couldn't sort out why my 

<QueryParam name="ql">select * where jokeid = {request.queryparam.jokeid}</QueryParam>

was not working for the callback. Turns out that despite me POSTing my json with "jokeid": 3229 it was being stored as "jokeid":"3229" (note, one is a number, one is a string). Thus i had to add '' around my {request.queryparam.jokeid}. Any idea why it is not storing my request in the same way it is submitted?


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