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Create API proxy with No...

Create API proxy with No Target I would like to know how do we create api proxy if I have some mock data as request/response xmls and would like to create some mock services. Please advise, if you have any examples or any "How to" links on apigee thanks, Nagesh
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Need help for local server not starting

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Hi, I just finished lesson 7, but I am getting an error which I think is related to my local server not properly starting.  In a terminal window, if I do "node server.js", it will say "server starting…" then just hang there.  Sure enough it was working before.  Rebooting my MAC didn't seem to help.  Any idea from this group?  TIA!

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Week 5 Test tool Broke?

The test tool for Week 5, Create & Manage APIs seems to be broke.

When i enter my URL to be tested, the result says "not good".
And if i check the HTML for the output, this is what i get

<jokeindex><jokeid>3229</jokeid><title>Advice for Idiots</title>An actual tip from page 16 of the HP &amp;quot;Environmental,Health &amp;amp; Safety Handbook for  Employees&amp;quot;: 

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