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Week 5 test is failing.

Hi ,

I'm doing week 5 test evaluation but it seems its failing even if i've done all three parts mentioned there.I notice in the video breakme.pl gives 401 but now its giving 500 this could be the reason for it.


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Hi Team,I have one doubt...

Hi Team, I have one doubt regarding the INVALIDATE cache. I am referring to the video. According to my understanding from the video. Once the custom cache is ran for the jokeid 3229 , the cache will store these details and when again i hit the same URL, the response will be faster because it is cached. My question is, after using the INVALIDATE Cache,by passing invalidate euqal to true, ideally, the cache should have removed these details. But when again i fired the same URL by removing the query param Invalidate , the response is quick and hence it is again using the CUSTOM cache.
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Hi Team,I am referring to...

Hi Team, I am referring to Week 5. I want to test the Named Target Server.Can you please tell me how to create the TS1 server details? I added the XML text /services/20/api I thought that TS1 is already created. But while deploying, i am getting error. Please help fast because I need to get the certificate Thanks and Regards, Gaurav Bhandari M(+91)9011886406
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