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Are you a developer, technologist or strategist looking to expand your knowledge and advance your skills in the digital world of apps, data and APIs? Become an expert. Raise your profile. Thrive in the app economy. Sign up below for free online training.

Develop an App

From Zero to App

Learn how to build state-of-the-art web and mobile apps that will garner 5-star ratings and reputation. 

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Create and Manage APIs

Fundamentals of RESTful API Design

Learn the easy-to-understand, proven design principles and best practices that will simplify the creation of systems that consume APIs.

Create and Manage APIs

Foundational Training: Create and Manage APIs

Walk away with the latest thinking, the tools and know-how to create, manage and scale APIs that are the building blocks for cutting-edge apps in today’s digital world.

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Build a Digital Ecosystem

Digital Transformation

A library of tools, interviews, and other resources designed to help you launch and accelerate your company's digital transformation.

Create a Digital Strategy

Create a Digital Strategy

Build a strategy that encompasses business goals, competitive strengths, and comprehensive digital engagements to innovate and drive real business results in the digital world.

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Using Analytics to Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Using Analytics to Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Learn how to measure the right things to improve your APIs and apps, troubleshoot problems, and ultimately make better business decisions to drive your API program.

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Who can take a course?

Anyone.  Click on a course to learn more and register. We will be in touch before your course starts with additional information on how to get started.

How much does it cost to take a course?

Nothing. The courses are free. Sign up for one or as many as you like.

What do I get if I take the course?

A Certificate of Completion if you complete the course with a passing score on the homework and tests. The Certification of Completion badges can be displayed and shared in the online community and to increase employment opportunities and demonstrate continuing education. You will receive an email prior to the course start date with additional information on what is required to earn a Certificate of Completion for that course.

Can I audit the course?

Yes. If you want to learn, but are not interested in earning a Certificate of Completion, just sign up for the course and go through the material at your own pace.  You are not required to complete the exercises, but we recommend that you do so to assist in learning the material.

Do I have to watch the material at a specific time?

No. You can work through the class at your convenience, but we do recommend keeping up with the classes on a weekly basis if you want to participate in, and get the most out of, the class online forums.

What tools and software do I need to take a course?

A computer and an Internet connection. If there are any additional requirements that are specific to your course, the information will be emailed to you prior to the course start date.